Drug Addiction Treatment

Offering comfort to patient

In 2014, 21.5 million adults in the U.S. struggled with a substance abuse disorder, according to The National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Drug addiction is a serious, chronic disease by which someone is compulsively driven to engage in substance abuse, turning to a dangerous substance again and again, in spite of serious risks to the user’s health or well-being.  The desire for a “fix” gets so powerful it takes over all other drives.  Because of ways that illicit drugs affect the brain, long-term drug use is a habit that can be very difficult to break. Even though the decision to first take a drug may be voluntary, over time, drug abuse will take over the brain, seeking and taking it uncontrollably.

The good news is that a drug treatment program can make a huge difference. In a drug rehabilitation center, you can be in a place where you are able to begin to experience life without drugs, and then get to the bottom of some of the reasons you may use. This will enable you to find alternative coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s stresses, know how to respond to cravings so you can remain drug-free. From there, you can take steps to restore your physical and mental health, and take charge of your own life, so you can begin to live again making a positive contribution to family, friends, and people around you.  This is not an easy process, but one that will involve long-term care. Rehabilitation should be seen as only the beginning of this lifelong commitment to sobriety.

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